Tickets available for Partial 2017

We are happy to announce that the tickets for the first edition of Partial are available on the website.

Last month we announced Partial as a conference showcasing the latest functional web technologies. Our goal is to provide a platform for experts and enthusiasts from all around the lambda world to share their ideas and exchange knowledge.

The Line-up, so far

We have already announced a couple of speakers — Michał Muskała from the Elixir & Ecto team, Bozhidar Batzov of Clojure and Emacs fame, Saša Jurić, author of “Elixir in Action” and Ilias Van Peer, who will talk about Elm. The line-up is coming together pretty well, and we are exited to have these great speakers onboard.

If you want to join us for a weekend full of pure functional love in sunny Sofia, get your ticket here. The seats are limited!

Call for speakers

Our call for speakers is still on. In fact, we’ll be extending the deadline for submissions to 16th of June.

We are looking for talks and practical workshops focused on the functional side of the web technologies — React, Haskell, Scala, F# and everything λ.

A talk will last for 40 minutes and a training session will run for around 5 hours. As a speaker or a trainer, this means you will have enough time to dig deep into your topic.

If you want to share your knowledge with fellow professionals, learn more about the Call for Speakers process and apply here!

What’s next

We’ll be announcing more details about the venue and the additional activities, we’ve been planning in the coming weeks. Go on and follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and subscribe to the newsletter.

Yours, fully ❤️